The salary expenses item is a material expense item in certain companies. When examining the issue of wages in depth, it can be found that this expense item has significant risks, such as: statutory risks resulting from the violation of legal provisions, faulty synchronization of various systems, such as the hours report system and payroll system, inadequate employee compliance with company regulations and more.

In addition, in 2012 the law for the enforcement of labor laws came into force. The law is designed to strengthen and deter employers in order to maintain labor laws. An employer who does not comply with the labor laws is liable to financial sanctions both in the criminal and civil spheres.

Our firm has extensive experience in auditing wages for private companies, non-profit organizations, and public entities.

Salary audit services include:

  • Internal auditing regarding salary and related payments and compliance with labor laws.
  • Internal audit on human resources.
  • Salary review in accordance with the regulations for increasing the enforcement of labor laws (periodic examinations by a certified examiner).
  • Extended Salary Check
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