Caspi Duek Koren makes sure to provide services with a business orientation that helps the client put his current activities into practice. The quality of service stems from the rich experience of the partners in initiating and managing leading businesses in their fields in the Israeli and international economy. In the past few years, Caspi Duek Koren has been negotiating for mergers and acquisitions of companies in Israel on behalf of leading international entities.

Caspi Duek Koren has led and leads the process of the announcement of her clients within the framework of a dedicated consortium for the purpose of announcing the leading projects in Israel and national projects in the infrastructure sector.

Following are the services provided in the field of business consulting:

  • Strategic Economic Consulting.
  • Initiation and development of new businesses.
  • Consulting in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Preparation of business plans and financial forecasts for companies and projects.
  • Investment feasibility study.
  • Valuations of income-producing companies and assets.
  • Due diligence.
  • Analysis of Financial Statements.
  • Characterization of the customer’s business environment.
  • Analyzing the efficiency of the operational and management system in the business.
  • Identifying advantages and disadvantages in a business strategy and providing recommendations for optimization.
  • Preparation of economic and business models in tenders offered by various government ministries and local authorities (privatization tenders or designated projects).
  • Financing plans – locating and negotiating with financing sources (bank and/or institutional) for financing projects.
  • Bank accompaniment – assembling credit lines and adapting current and future financing plans to customers.
  • Offerings and capital raising – assisting in the recruitment of financial and strategic investors and the preparation of prospectuses for issuing capital on the stock exchange.
  • Government grants and tax benefits – examining the possibilities for receiving grants from the chief scientist and the investment center, preparing applications for approved enterprises and auditing final performance reports.
  • Providing professional, financial and accounting opinions in solving professional issues.
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