Caspi Duek Koren provides consulting services in the field of Israeli and international taxation and specializes in personal taxation (personal reports) and taxation of companies, representation of clients against the tax authorities and handling of tax planning.

Tax accompaniment is provided by accountants with impressive records whom served as portfolio managers at the Big-4 offices.

The tax consulting service is provided on several levels:

  1. Performing quality control over the annual tax reports of customers and representation of the customers against the tax authorities
  2. Tax planning :
    • Israeli tax planning
    • International tax planning
    • Tax planning for acquisitions and mergers
    • Project tax planning (especially long term and B.O.T. projects)
    • Pre-Ruling
    • Expertise in real estate taxation and purchasing groups
  3. Periodical reviews in cooperation with customers for the purpose of controlling the implementation of the tax planning
  4. Representation against the Israeli tax authorities – discussions of tax assessments, Value Added Tax, National insurance and deductions
  5. Special reports for banks and other institutions
  6. Ongoing consultation for the firm’s clients, including the providing of opinions
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