In recent years, more and more corporations have recognized the importance and contribution of internal auditing to the organization.

The internal audit is an important management tool, and it is carried out with the aim of examining the organization’s conduct, assessing risks, and offering effective solutions to prevent them.

According to the Internal Audit Law, 5752-1992, public entities are required to employ internal auditors, starting with local authorities, municipal corporations and, of course, government offices.

Caspi Duek Koren provides high-quality internal auditing services with an emphasis on providing added value to the organization. The internal audit services may be structured as a structured annual plan or as a one-time inspection according to the customer’s definition.

The audit services are provided both as an appointment as the organization’s internal auditor or as an outsourcing service to the internal auditor of the organization.

The following are some of the services provided in the field of internal auditing:

  • Internal audit services.
  • Survey on the internal controls.
  • Planning the audit, performing the audit and concentrating the findings in a detailed report, including operative recommendations.
  • Writing audit procedures for the client’s business operations according to its needs.
  • Providing an opinion on existing audit procedures and writing complementary audit procedures as required.
  • Building controls for existing processes.
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