Drawing up economic and business models in tenders and PFI projects.

Caspi Duek Koren has a unique expertise in the field of economic and business models in tenders and P.F.I and B.O.T projects. Over the past few years, Caspi Duek Koren has represented investors and multinational companies in the acquisition, announcement, merger and examination of projects and companies in the fields of infrastructure and long-term financing. In addition, Caspi Duek Koren has engaged in consulting and preparing economic and business models for the purpose of participation of clients in various tenders for the operation of projects, enterprises or privatization of municipal activities or of government offices.

The following are projects overseen by our firm:

  • Consulting and accompaniment of the partnership project for managing the water sector of Hof Carmel Regional Council.
  • A project to privatize the water and sewage sector of medium size municipalities in Israel – a project to privatize municipal infrastructures.
  • Various projects for the construction of sewage treatment plants – using the O.T. method
  • Incinerator for burning hazardous materials.
  • Project for mass transportation in Jerusalem (light railway) – using the O.T. method
  • Ashkelon Coastal Water Desalination Project – using the O.T. method
  • Sea Water Desalination Project – using the O.O. method
  • A project for the privatization of clusters of bus routes of the Egged Cooperative.
  • A project for the privatization of clusters of buses of the Dan Cooperative.

The cumulative experience of Caspi Duek Koren enables the provision of multidisciplinary services, with a significant added value provided by the business, financial and legal counsel in general and the contracts in particular, with extensive experience in unique tax advice for long-term financing.

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