Each non-profit organization whose annual financial turnover exceeds NIS 1.1 million (an amount that is updated each year) must appoint an auditor.


Every public affairs company, in every financial cycle, must appoint an auditor.


A non-profit organization or a public affairs company with a permit under section 46 of the Ordinance must appoint an accountant for each period.


The body that elects the CPA is the General Assembly. Every member of the organization may propose a candidate for the position of accountant and the General Assembly votes and chooses it.


The organization’s CPA has an important and decisive role in dealing with government agencies and various government ministries.


Our offices provide services to many non-profit organizations, among the services provided:


·         Audit services, including financial statements, internal auditing and auditing bodies (as defined in the Amutot Law).

·         Tax services, including: early tax planning, VAT, deductions, real estate tax, assistance in receiving recognized status for donations (section 46), and providing ongoing tax services.

·         Risk management, including conducting surveys, institutionalizing processes, writing procedures and the like.

·         Providing accounting advice on current issues, current approvals and solutions to special issues.

·         Assistance in the implementation of regulatory requirements, including the preparation of the verbal report and preparation for in-depth review.

·         Preparation of opinions in the fields of accounting, taxation and other professional fields.

·         Assistance in preparing requests for support from governmental and other bodies, and issuance of relevant approvals.

·         Construction and assistance of recovery programs.

·         Advice to non-profit organizations, including writing work plans, preparing, supervising, and monitoring budgets.

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