Auditing and Accounting

Caspi Duek Koren provides the highest standards of accounting and auditing services in accordance with Israeli and international auditing standards. Read more

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Business Consulting

Caspi Duek Koren makes sure to provide services with a business orientation that helps the client put his current activities into practice. The quality of service stems from the rich experience of the partners. Read more

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Caspi Duek Koren provides consulting services in the field of Israeli and international taxation and specializes in personal taxation (personal reports) and taxation of companies, representation of clients against the tax authorities and handling of tax planning. Read more


Voluntary Disclosure

A voluntary disclosure is a procedure designed to encourage taxpayers who have committed tax offenses to voluntarily report it, pay and remove the offense that has been committed. As part of the procedure, the taxpayer pays the required tax and in return the tax authority undertakes not to take criminal proceedings against him.

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Building Economic Models

Caspi Duek Koren has a unique expertise in the field of building economic and business models for tenders and for P.F.I. and B.O.T. projects. Over the past few years Caspi Duek Koren has represented investors and multinational companies in the acquisition, announcement, merging and examination of projects and companies in the fields of infrastructure and long-term financing.

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