Auditing and Accounting

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Caspi Duek and Koren provides the highest standards of auditing and accounting services in accordance with Israeli and international auditing standards. Caspi Duek Koren implements stringent quality control procedures to improve the quality of the professional services provided to its customers. The partners are highly professional and have been senior lecturers in the accounting, auditing and business administration departments of the leading academic institutions in Israel.

Following are the services provided in the area of accounting and auditing:

  • Audit
  • Audit of computerized information systems
  • Budget control for institutional and business organizations – including budget planning and setting controls for implementation
  • Financial planning of accounting models
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Analysis of financial and off-balance sheet risk
  • Analysis and establishment of cost and budget systems
  • Representation against the tax authorities

As part of our service philosophy, our work with the customer is handled by a fixed contact person.